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Bayle, Pierre (1734-1741): A general dictionary, historical and critical: In which a new and accurate translation of that of the celebrated Mr. Bayle, with the corrections and observations printed in the late edition at Paris, is included; and interspersed with several thousand lives never before published. The whole containing the history of the most illustrious persons of all ages and nations, particularly those of Great Britain and Ireland, distinguished by their rank, actions, learning and other accomplishments. With reflections on such passages of Mr. Bayle, as seem to favour scepticism and the Manichee System. By the Reverend Mr. John Peter Bernard; the Reverend Mr. Thomas Birch; Mr. John Lockman; and other hands. And the articles relating to Oriental history by George Sale, Gent. London. Printed by James Bettenham, for G. Strahan, J. Clarke, T. Hatchet in Cornhill; J. Gray in the Poultry; J. Batley in Pater-Noster-Row; T. Worrall, J. Shuckburgh in Fleetstreet; J. Wilcox, A. Millar, C. Corbet in the Strand; T. Osborne in Grays-Inn; J. Brindley in New Bond-Street; and C. Ward and R. Chandler at the Ship between the Temple Gates in Fleetstreet, and sold at their shop in Scarborough. MDCCXXXIV. 10, 1, vol. 1: [X] + 712 p.; vol. 2: [I] + 718 p.; vol. 3: [I] + 724 p.; vol. 4: [I] + 715 p.; vol. 5: [I] + 716 p.; vol. 6: [I] + 716 p.; vol. 7: [I] + 828 p.; vol. 8: [I] + 832 p.; vol. 9: [I] + 716 p.; vol. 10: [I] + 588 + [242] p., London. folio,

Bayle, Pierre (1703-1703): An Universal, Historical, Geographical, Chronological and Poetical Dictionary, exactly describing the situation, extent, customs, laws, manners, commodities, &c. of all kingdoms, commonwealths, provinces, islands and cities, in the known world. Containing likewise the lives of patriarchs, prophets, apostels, and primitive fathers; emperors, kings, princes, popes, cardinals, bishops and other eminent persons; with an account of the inventors and improvers of arts and sciences, philosophers and all celebrated authors. Also the history of the Pagan Gods, very useful for the understanding of classick authors; of the several sects among the Jews, Christians, Heathens and Mahometans, with their principal ceremonies, games and festivals; of general councils and synods, when, and where assembled; of the establishment and progress of religious and military orders; and of the genealogies of the most illustrious families, especially our English, Scotch and Irish. The whole consisting of a curious miscellany of sacred and prophane history, extracted from Moreri, Bayle, Baudrand, Hoffmann, Danet,and many more of the best and choicest historians, geographers, chronologers and lexicographers, antient and modern. In two volumes. Quid Bodleianam, Vaticanamque objicis Hospes? Unicus est nobis Bibliotheca Liber. London: Printed for J. Hartley next the Kings-head Tavern in Holborn; W. Turner, at the Angel at Lincolns-Inn Back Gate; and Tho. Hodgens, over against Grays-Inn Gate in Holborn, 1703. 2, 1, vol. 1: [764] p.; vol. 2: [562] p., London. 8°,

Bayle, Pierre (1826-1826): An historical and critical dictionary, selected and abriged from the great work of Peter Bayle. With a life of Bayle. In four vols. London, 1826: Printed for Hunt and Clarke, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden. 4, 1, vol. 1: [II] + 404 p.; vol. 2: [IV] + 328 p.; vol. 3: [IV] + 392 p.; vol. 4: [I] + 356 + [XXXIV] p., London. 12°,

Bayle, Pierre (1710-1710): An historical and critical dictionary. By Monsieur Bayle. Translated into English, with many additions and corrections, made by the author himself, that are not in the French editions. London: Printed for C. Harper, D. Brown, J. Tonson, A. and J. Churchill, T. Horne, T. Goodwin, R. Knaplock, J. Taylor, A. Bell, B. Tooke, D. Midwinter, B. Lintott and W. Lewis. MDCCX. 4, 1, vol. 1: [XXVII], 800 p.; vol. 2: p. 801-1550; vol. 3: p. 1551-2434; vol. 4: p. 2439-3108, XCIV + [LVI] p., London. vol. 1-4: illustration on the title page; vol. 1: illustration on p. [I], folio,

Bayle, Pierre and Desmaiseaux, Pierre (1740-1740): Dictionaire historique et critique, par Mr. Pierre Bayle. Cinquième édition, revue, corrigée, et augmentée. Avec la vie de l'auteur, par Mr. Des Maizeaux. A Amsterdam, Chez P. Brunel, P. Humbert, J. Wetstein & G. Smith, F. L'Honoré & Fils, Z. Chatelain, Covens & Mortier, Pierre Mortier, F. Changuion, J. Catuffe, & H. Uytwerf. A Leide, Chez Samuel Luchtmans. A La Haye, Chez P. Gosse, J. Neaulme, A. Moetjens, G. Block & A. van Dole. A Utrecht, Chez Etienne Neaulme. MDCCXL. Avec privilège. 4, 5, vol. 1: [XII] + CXX + 719 p.; vol. 2: 915 p.; vol. 3: 831 p.; vol. 4: 804 p., Amsterdam, Leide, La Haye, Utrecht. vol. 1-4: illustration on the title page vol. 1: portrait of Philipp II. de Bourbon, duc d'Orléans (p. [V],1st count), folio,

Bayle, Pierre and Desmaiseaux, Pierre and Marchand, Prosper (1730-1730): Dictionaire historique et critique, par Mr. Pierre Bayle. Quatrième édition, revue, corrigée, et augmentée. Avec la vie de l'auteur, par Mr. Des Maizeaux. A Amsterdam, chez P. Brunel; R. & J. Wetstein & C. Smith; H. Waesberge; P. Humbert; F. Honoré. Z. Chatelain; & P. Mortier. A Leide, chez Samuel Luchtmans. MDCCXXX. Avec privilège. 4, 4, vol. 1: [X], CXVI, 719 p.; vol. 2: 915 p.; vol. 3: 831 p.; vol. 4: 804 p., Amsterdam, Leide. vol. 1-4: illustration on the title page; vol. 1: portrait of Philipp II. de Bourbon, duc d'Orléans (p. [III], 1st count), folio,

Bayle, Pierre (1697-1697): Dictionnaire historique et critique: Par Monsieur BAYLE. 2 [in, 1, vol. 1: 1359+ [1] p.; vol. 2: 1331+ [59] p., Rotterdam. title page vignettes, folio,

Bayle, Pierre (1702-1702): Dictionnaire historique et critique: Par Monsieur BAYLE. Seconde Edition, Revuë, corrigée & augmentée par l'auteur. A Rotterdam, chez Reinier Leers, MDCCII. Avec privilège. 3, 2, vol. 1: [II], XVIII, [8], 1096, 7, XVI p.; vol. 2: p. 1097-2170, XVI p.; vol. 3: p. 2171-3190, [90] p., Rotterdam. vol. 1-3: illustration on the title page, folio,

Bayle, Pierre and Gottsched, Johann Christoph and Desmaiseaux, Pierre and Veyssière de la Croze, Maturin (1741-1744): Herrn Peter Baylens, weyland Professors der Philosophie und Historie zu Rotterdam, Historisches und Critisches Wörterbuch, nach der neuesten Auflage von 1740 ins Deutsche übersetzt; auch mit einer Vorrede und verschiedenen Anmerkungen sonderlich bey anstößigen Stellen versehen, von Johann Christoph Gottscheden, Professors der Philosophie zu Leipzig, des großen Fürsten-Collegii itz. 3. Präpositio und der Königl. Preuß. Societät der Wissenschaften Mitgliede. 4, 1, vol. 1: [XIV] + CXXVIII+736+[4] p.; vol. 2: [VIII] + 957 + [3] p.; vol. 3: [VI] + 843 p.; vol. 4: 727 + [146] p., Leipzig. vol. 1: frontispiece [showing Pierre Bayle]; vol. 1-4: title-page vignettes, folio,

Bayle, Pierre and Suhl, Ludwig (1779-1780): Peter Bayle historisch-kritisches Wörterbuch im Auszuge neu geordnet und übersetzt. Erster Theil für Theologen. [Zweiter Teil] für Dichterfreunde. 2, 1, vol. 1: XIV + 486 + [IV] p.; vol. 2: [X] + 512 p., Lübeck. some smaller vignettes, but no bigger illustrations, 8°,

Bayle, Pierre and Jakob, Ludwig Heinrich von (1797-1797): Peter Baylens Philosophisches Wörterbuch oder Die philosophischen Artikel aus Baylens historisch-kritischem Wörterbuch. In deutscher Sprache. Abgekürzt und herausgegeben zur Beförderung des Studiums der Geschichte der Philosophie und des menschlichen Geistes. Von Ludwig Heinrich Jakob, Prof. der Philosophie zu Halle. 2, 1, vol. 1: VIII + 664 p.; vol. 2: 954 + [II] p., Halle, Leipzig. 8°,

Bayle, Pierre and Desmaiseaux, Pierre (1734-1738): The dictionary historical and critical of Mr. Peter Bayle. The second edition, carefully collated with the several editions of the original; in which many passages are restored, and the whole greatly augmented, particularly with a translation of the quotations from eminent writers in various languages. To which is prefixed, the life of the author, revised, corrected, and enlarged, by Mr Des Maizeaux, fellow of the Royal Society. London: Printed for J.J. and P. Knapton; D. Midwinter; J. Brotherton; A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch; J. Hazard; J. Tonson; W. Innys and R. Manby; J. Osborne and T. Longman, T. Ward and E. Wicksteed; W. Meadows; T. Woodward; B. Motte; W. Hinchliffe; J. Walthoe, jun. E. Symon; T. Cox; A. Ward; D. Browne; S. Birt; W. Bickerton; T. Astley; S. Austen; L. Gilliver; H. Lintot; H. Whitridge; R. Willock. 5, 2, vol. 1: [VIII] + 17 + CXXVIII + 803 p.; vol. 2: 880 p.; vol. 3: 972 p.; vol. 4: 944 p.; vol. 5. 872 + 143 p., London. vol. 1: frontispiece [showing Pierre Bayle], folio,

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